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“Day of Dignity” organized by APNA Community Center, NYC.

Elected council members, assemblywomen and other U.S. officials attended back to school program.

New York,

New York’s APNA Community Center celebrates “Day of Dignity” with Islamic Relief USA and Shore Front Toys. A back-to-school program was initiated to attract children’s to go back to school. A large number of children participated with their parents and it seems like a festival.Under this back-to-school program, school bags, supplies, halal meals, ice cream and toys were distributed to 500 children.While speaking on the occasion, Pervez Siddiqui, Chairman, APNA Community Center, Shazia Wattoo, Director and Iram Hanif, CEO, has said that in order to maintain a relationship with school and education for children, it is important to create interest among them, for better and quality education. Training of children is the guarantee of their successful future.The children enthusiastically participated in the program, their happiness doubled when they saw the decorated bags and toys at different stalls.The event was also attended by elected members of New York City Council and other U.S. officials, according to officials that real pleasure only comes by helping needy and sharing happiness.On the occasion, program department representative of Islamic Relief USA and the founder of Shore Front Toys has said that real bliss comes from distributing toys and gifts to children and that is un-describable.Participation of different organizations in back to school drive and distribution of school bags, supplies and other educational items among the children, has given the message that they want to see new generation prosper in field of knowledge.

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