Comedy Legend Umar Sharif’s flight confirmed on Monday morning.

Karachi, Pakistan,

Comedy legend Umar Sharif will fly to US on Monday (tomorrow) morning for medical treatment, reported Pakistan News channels.

The air ambulance will land at the Karachi Airport at midnight tonight and will take off for the US in the morning.

Umar Sharif is scheduled to be taken to the Karachi Airport at about 4:30am and the air ambulance will take off at 5:30 am.

After two hours stay in Germany, Iceland and Canada, the air ambulance will land at Washington DC airport at 4 pm US time.

By 5 pm on that day, Umar Sharif will be shifted to George Washington University Hospital.

Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had allowed the air ambulance to land in Pakistan to take legendary comedian King Umar Sharif to US for treatment.

According to the notification issued by CAA, the German aircraft will be taking renowned legendary comedian King to Washington for treatment. The air ambulance will land at the Karachi airport at 11pm on September 26, The call sign of air ambulance is 1264-IFA. Crew of five members will also come to Pakistan along with the captain of air ambulance.

Air ambulance is owned by Jet ARENT FAI company. It will reach Karachi from Germany. Its refueling will be done at Karachi Airport before its departure to the US.

The CAA has made all arrangements in connection with air ambulance which will take Sharif to the US.

On the other hand, the legendary comedian will be treated at the George Washington University Hospital by a team of eight specialists, including Cardiologist Syed Tariq Shahab, actor Reema’s husband.

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