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“Sikhs for Justice” demonstrated against Modi at UN headquarters.

Sikh leaders also raise voices in favor of Kashmiris and Muslims.

New York,

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed today at UN General Assembly session. A large number of Sikhs and Kashmiri’s protested on the call of “Sikhs for Justice” in front of UN headquarters in New York today during the Modi’s address. Protestors chanted Modi Killer’s slogans. Protestors also held play cards with slogans against Modi’s and his role against Muslims, Sikhs and farmers.The Sikhs protestors participated in the demonstrations has said that a person like Modi is not capable of representing any country in a trustworthy body like United Nations. “Sikhs for Justice” and other Sikhs leaders also demonstrate in favor of Kashmiris and said that Kashmiris should be given their rights as per UN resolutions.While waving Khalistan flag, the protestors said that establishment of Khalistan is the right of Sikh nation and they should get this right very soon.Today hundreds of people were at one platform, their voices are one. Protests and demonstrations will continue till Modi government’s atrocities on Kashmiris, Muslims, Sikhs and farmers in India were stopped.

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