Protest held in front of White House during Modi’s meeting with Biden.

Washington D.C.,

A protest held in front of White house on the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington to meet US President Joe Biden, a large number of Indian Sikhs gathered and waved the Khalistan flag. The Kashmiri community was also participated in the demonstration to show solidarity with the Sikhs. Protesters held banners and placards with slogans against Modi atrocities and demands for Modi’s return.On the occasion, Sikh leaders said that India calls itself the largest democracy in the world but Indian authorities has made life miserable for Sikhs in Punjab and Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. We do not recognize such an extremist government.Sikh protesters demanded US president to binds Narendra Modi to provide basic human rights in India and enforce international law for minorities. The protesters also said that their protest would continue until Kashmiris and Sikhs get their rights

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