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P.M. Imran high-lightened Kashmir issue in full at UNGA address, F.M.

New York,

Pakistan Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressed the press conference in New York, and said that Prime Minister Imran Khan high-lightened Kashmir issue in full in his address to UN General Assembly session and exposed India’s intentions. Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN Munir Akram and Pakistan’s Ambassador to US Asad Majeed also present in Press conference.

According to F.M. the US Secretary of State appreciated Pakistan’s role in the withdrawal of US and Nato forces from Afghanistan. The UNGA Secretary General discussed several issues including Afghanistan and Kashmir. The US Secretary of State also discussed US Pakistan bilateral issues and Afghan affairs.

The Foreign Minister added that Prime Minister had conveyed the deteriorating situation of Afghanistan could more worsen further if international community does not pay attention. Immediate steps would have to be taken for the peace and tranquility for the people of Afghanistan. After a long time, there is hope for peace in the region. There is also a shortage of food in Afghanistan; no money to pay against the salaries of teachers and other staff.

Pakistan has been hosting Afghan refugees for decades. The Taliban’s success in Afghanistan was due to failed policies of Ashraf Ghani government and Ghani’s government in Afghanistan had lost public confidence.


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