‘You lied about WMDs’: Iraq war veteran blasts Bush in public

Social Media Desk:

A veteran of the United States invasion of Iraq, Mike Prysner, publicly called out former U.S. President George W. Bush, accusing him of lying about weapons of mass destruction and causing the deaths of a million Iraqis. The video has been making rounds on social media since Monday.

“Mr. Bush, when are you going to apologize for the million Iraqis that are dead because you lied?” he asked. “You lied about weapons of mass destruction, you lied about connections to 9/11,” he said, referring to the terrorist attacks that destroyed New York’s World Trade Center.

“You lied about Iraq being a threat,” shouted Prysner, who was interrupted by Bush telling him to “sit and behave.” The veteran says that Bush “sent him to Iraq in 2003.”

“My friends are dead. You killed people. You lied,” Prysner managed to add before being forcibly removed by staff at the auditorium where the former U.S. president was delivering a speech at Beverly Hills.

“My friends are dead because you lied,” Prysner shouted, telling Bush: “You need to apologize! Apologize!”


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