American Bride Elopes With Cousin On Wedding Day.

She got disappointed after seeing her drunken groom at the wedding venue.

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According to The Sun, a traveller bride from the United States recently revealed how she left her drunken husband on their wedding day and ran off with her own cousin.

In a surprising incident, an American bride ran off with her cousin on her wedding day. She took this extreme step after her groom rocked up at the aisle totally inebriated.

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The incident took place last year when the 24-year-old bride named Cearia, who hails from Maryland, was about to marry her groom, 28-years-old Sam. Cearia and Sam had decided to tie the knot after having a serious relationship for a long time. For her wedding, Cearia called her 21-year-old cousin, Kyle, to give her away at the altar as nobody was there from her family to attend her wedding.

The wedding had started off with all the pomp and tradition of a typical traveller wedding, with Cearia dressed in an enormous white and gold ball gown for the occasion.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube/TLC

When she walked down the aisle, she smelt the alcohol on Sam, however, she ignore it at first. After Sam couldn’t look at her face and dropped the wedding rings. After seeing her drunken groom at the wedding venue, she got disappointed and decided not to marry him.

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During this scenario, Cearia’s cousin revealed his true feeling to her and asked her to elope with him. Finally, she ditched her groom and ran away with her cousin, who was also her ex-boyfriend.

When 21-year-old Kyle went to talk to Cearia he said that she feels sorry for her after seeing Sam’s condition and does not want her to spend the rest of her life with a person like Sam. He said that Cearia should not be married at the moment. And after a little chat with Kylie, they were both seen fleeing through the doors before sharing a kiss in the parking lot of the venue.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube/TLC

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