Indonesia set to host Religious Scholars Summit

KABUL: Top religious scholars from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia are set to meet in Jakarta in near future where they would discuss Afghan war and terrorism.

This was announced by Afghanistan’s High Peace Council on Thursday.

The spokesman of the High Peace Council Ehsan Tahiri said that the council supports the involvement of Indonesia for peace in Afghanistan, adding that the timeframe for the Summit would be announced soon.

“The Indonesian president has confirmed the participation of Pakistan at the conference, we also hope that Pakistan attends the meeting, this would mark a historic conference on peace and stability in Afghanistan and war against terrorism,” said HPC spokesman Ehsan Tahiri.

The move has been welcomed by the Afghan Millat party.

“Religious scholars in the world issue decrees that the war in Afghanistan is not a Jihad (holy war), we also know that and the scholars also know that this is not Jihad, but it is a proxy war in Afghanistan and it is an imposed war which is plotted by intelligence networks, but the question whether the Taliban accepts this or not would have an impact on the Taliban ranks,” said Stana Gul Sherzada, chairman Afghan Millat party.

The conference will mark the first such meeting between scholars from the three Muslim nations where they will discuss Afghanistan’s situation.

“The government itself obeys strangers, it does not take guidelines from the scholars inside Afghanistan, but only consults special institutions such as the High Peace Council and Ulema council, but these have lost their credibility among the people of Afghanistan,” said Mawlawi Abdul Qadeer Qanet, a member of Maslahat Council of Afghanistan.


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