PAPA organized a seminar on PAK-US relations.

Fazal Khaliq, Washington,

A seminar was organized by the PAPA-Pakistani American Press Association on the topic of Pakistan and US relations. Intellectuals and leading political figures was attended the event.

Former Congressman Jim Morin, Republican leader Sajid Tarar, Virginia State Senator Richard Blake and Dr. Nisar Chaudhry expressed their views in the panel.The war on terror, began after 9/11 and lasted for 20 years, has now ended and NATO forces have returned to their home countries. On the end of this long war, different countries of the world have started rebuilding their relations.

Pakistan and the US play their role at this turning point, things have changed rapidly and new changes expected in coming days.

The Deputy Director Thomas Rajenberg and Ravi Chandai, representing US State Department, and appreciated the discussion on this important topic.

Pakistan-US relations have never been balanced and fluctuating in different periods

There is a need for new policies in Pakistan so that relations between Pakistan and the United States continue to improve.

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