Baltimore leading businessmen protested against rising crime.

Fazal Khaliq, Baltimore,

Rising crime, robberies and murders in Baltimore, Maryland have paralyzed business life, especially the owners of Pakistani gas stations.

Estimated more than 200 gas stations in Baltimore city and 90% of them were owned by Pakistani community. These 90% gas station owners will pay the huge amount of taxes and were the most affected from this rising crime.

These gas station owners were protesting on the streets of Baltimore under the leadership of renowned Sajid Majid’s family.

After carefully reviewing all the issues, State Attorney Marilyn assured full cooperation and ended the protest.

Protesters highlighted the issues and called on the administration and senior government officials to take immediate action to curb the rising crime rate.

Gas station owners and workers has said that rising crime rates have paralyzed business life.

Protestors were also urging Maryland’s governor and other high-rank officials to immediately address the issue for fearing for their lives and rising crime rate.

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