Gwadar Port opens for Commercial Shipping

GWADAR: Pakistan’s Minister of State for Maritime Affairs Chaudhary Jafar Iqbal has announced that the Gwadar port is now open to dock commercial ships.

Mr Jafar made this announcement Thursday morning during an inaugural ceremony.

A Cosco Wellington ship carrying seafood loaded containers has departed for United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Gwadar port.

A ceremony was held in honour of the departure of the first commercial ship from Gwadar.

Minister of State for Maritime Affairs Chaudhary Jafar Iqbal addressed the crowd at the ceremony, stating that Gwadar port has been officially declared operational for commercial ships.

A cargo ship carrying raw material is scheduled to leave the docks for various countries per week.

This will facilitate local businessmen, Central Asian industrialists and companies to export their goods to other countries.

Chairman Gwadar port, Dosteen Khan Jamaldeeni stated that a commercial ship carrying industrial raw material will leave the port weekly for other countries.

He stated that the government has not held back in the development of Gwadar port and the efforts of our ally China should be appreciated.

Industrialists, senior Armed forces officials and Chinese were in attendance at the event.

The port has been officially functional since November 2016. In the past year, Gwadar was being used by the Chinese for shipping goods.

The port is now open to the international community for shipping.


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