Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announces private space venture ‘unlike the others’

Privateer to 'keep space safe and accessible to all humankind'

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According to Gadgets360, Space appears to be the new frontier for tech entrepreneurs. After Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson, it’s time for Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to join the league.

Wozniak on September 13 announced that he is setting up a private space company that is unlike the others. The new company will be called Privateer Space and its mission would be to keep space safe and accessible to all humankind.

Wozniak will be establishing the company with Ripcord co-founder Alex Fielding. Wozniak tweet a YouTube video explaining the vision of Privateer Space. The video begins with a strong message, “Together, we will go far.”

“We’ll look out for one another. Solve problems together. It isn’t a race; it isn’t a competition or a game. We are not one person, one company, one nation. We’re one planet. We’re explorers. We’re dreamers, risk-takers, engineers, stargazers. We are human and it’s up to us to do what is right and what is good. So here’s to taking care of what we have so that the next generation can be better, together,” the voiceover said.

The website of Privateer Space only says, “The sky is no longer the limit” and “We are in stealth mode.” It also says the company will be at the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies conference in Hawaii that begins today, September 14. No more details about the company have been made available yet.

The company does plan to provide more details in private group sessions at the AMOS conference, presumably with potential investors, according to Space Explored.

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