USACPL tournament officially started in New Jersey.

Kick Off Meeting, Draws announcement and trophy of grand tournament was unveiled.

New Jersey, USA,

USA Cricket Premier League (USACPL) and New Jersey Cricket Council organizes the annual cricket Champions Trophy 2021 under supervision of International Cricket Council-ICC Qualified Coach and Certified Umpire Mudassar Safdar on Labor Day Weekend.Chief Organizer Mudassar Safdar appreciated the enthusiasm of all players participates in the tournament and wished all the teams.

While, speaking on the occasion, Safdar said that this is Champions Trophy 2021 Labor Day Tournament and held every year on Labor Day Weekend. 21 teams from different states, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Albany, and Connecticut were participating. The tournament has officially started.Regular briefings were given to all the teams’ players. Organizer also unveiled the trophy of grand tournament. Kick Off Meeting, Draws and dinner was also held at a local hotel in New Jersey.Captains, vice-captains, teams players, league organizers, official umpires and business community figures Faisal Khan, Irfan Sadiq and Dubai based, Brother Asghar specially participated; special guest held the balloting and team polls were formally announced and said that new talent emerges from such tournaments. All matches will be played at Capelli Sport Complex in New Jersey. This night cricket tournament consists of seven overs and final match will be held on September 18.Participants expressed satisfaction for administration arrangements of the tournament and praise the efforts of Mudassar Safdar, head of New Jersey Cricket Council, to promote cricket in US.

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