ICNA, Muslim Adventure Day in New Jersey.

Muslim Adventure day strengthened religious harmony and brotherhood.

New Jersey,

Diminishing the dangers of global pandemic, colors are beginning to restore. ICNA organized Muslim Adventure Day in New Jersey. More than 13,000 people attended and made the event successful.This program organized on annual basis. Global pandemic outbreak was delayed the event last year. After a gap of two years, event was an opportunity for the people. The festival decorated once again and thousands of people of different races and ethnicities attended the Family Day.Swings were arranged for every age group. Happiness was visible on everyone’s faces alike Eid day.Naat and Hamd resounding everywhere on Family Day. Various stalls with halal food on all sides of the park were set up.A large area was allocated for prayers at the event. At the time for prayers, men and women offered prayers in congregation.The Participants appreciated ICNA services. There was a spectacular fireworks display on the event.Family Day was attended by Muslim communities from different countries. This strengthened religious harmony and brotherhood

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