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Shehryar Chahdhry appointed as vice chairman of Republican Party, Nassau County.

Shehryar’s is the first Pakistani, Muslim and South Asian who’s elected at this post.

Long Island, New York .

Republican Party has announced a prominent figure of Pakistani-American community in New York, Attorney Shehryar Chaudhary, as Vice Chairman from Nassau County, Long Island.

Couple of decades ago Muslims, Pakistani Americans and South Asians Community didn’t involve in American politics and administration practically, now they have been realized the importance of involving in politics and take it as solution for their problems. Many of new and young candidates have been seen in New York Primary election, held recently.

The appointment of Shehryar Chaudhry as vice chairman of Republican Party from Nassau County, Long Island is honor for Pakistani-American community.

Suffolk County Chairman Joseph G. Cairo announced appointment of Shehryar’s as Vice Chairman from Nassau County in prestigious ceremony organized by Republican Party and key members including dignitaries attended it.Shehryar Chaudhry is the first Pakistani, first Muslim and first South Asian American who’s appointed as Vice Chairman of Republican Party, Nassau County.

Chaudhry’s thanked to leadership of the Republican Party and added that “it is an honor for him and would try to full fill all expectations”.

Suffolk County of Long Island, a suburb of New York, is one of the largest county in The United states. A large number of Pakistani, Muslims and South Asian communities live here and is growing steadily.

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