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US Upper House carried out Malala Yousuf Zai Act, APNA celebrates.

Brooklyn, New York city,

The APNA Brooklyn Community Center hosted an event in honor of carried out the Malala Act by US Upper House and in honor of Pakistani American Woman.A large number of women from the Pakistani American community, including Democratic Party member and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and Pakistan’s Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali, attended the event. The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.


The event was hosted by Iram Hanif, CEO APNA Community Center. She informed the participants about aims and objectives of APNA community center and services rendered to community.

Erum Hanif also added that we work closely with our elected officials and different cities agencies, well established other community based organizations and bringing more services. APNA has a trained case workers to provide them assistance applying for food stamp, Medicare, social security, disability and transportation for seniors.While, speaking on the occasion, special guest Hakim Jefferies, said that after approval the Malala Act, it would remove current economic barriers to higher education for women’s in Pakistan.Jeffries also added that funds that were provided to help in the education of Pakistani’s that at least 50% of these resources. Wait to the education of Pakistani girls and women’s, because if the women succeed, Pakistan succeed just like women here succeed, America succeed.

On the occasion, Consul General Ayesha Ali labelled Malala Act as a beacon of hope for girls ambitious for higher education in Pakistan.Consul General added that Malala Yousuf zai scholarship act intervened after Pakistani women, regardless person to be ordered bill and its price for her struggle, for inclusive and more education opportunities for them with in a Pakistan.The host of the event and APNA Community Center Chairman Pervez Siddiqui, Executive Director Shazia Wattoo and CEO Iram Hanif also spoke on the Malala Act.

They said that trend of higher education for girls is on the rise in Pakistan, adding that being educated woman gives better training to whole family.

Pervaiz added that one of the most sounding bill that he has passed which is affected our community and which we so proud of is passing out to expands opportunities ailment to Pakistani Women’s. However Pervez Siddiqui applaud him for this effort.Shazia wattoo said that It is honor for me to represent our Pakistani American community and look forward to more Pakistani women thriving and accomplishing there inspirations and their dreams

Pakistani singer won the hearts by spreading the magic of her voice.Congressman Hakeem Jefferies distributed awards and certificates to successful women working for women’s rights in the community. Awards and certificates recieved by Consul General Ayesha Ali, APNA Chairman Pervez Siddiqui and Director Shazia Wattoo .

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