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Court dismisses case against Ishtiaq Ahmed on false grounds.

New York City,

Kings County Criminal Court Judge Nichols AP 3 dismisses case against Ishtiaq Ahmed on fabricated grounds. 3 months ago, on June 4, a case was registered against Ishtiaq Ahmad Ansari, a volunteer of Makki Masjid, by a man named Adil from the Pakistani community. Third degree assault charges were also included.

The real story came out after the management of Makki Mosque provides CCTV footage of the incident to Vosa TV and also gave an official written permission to broadcast it.

According to CCTV, it is visible, that Raja Azad wearing a light purple shirt and black pants. He is accompanied a man named Adil in a blue shalwar kameez, they came to Makki mosque on June 4, 2021 to offer prayers.

Covid-19 intensified on those days and it was necessary to practice social distance and follow SOP’s. The number was completed on the first floor and prayers had to be offered on the second floor or basement.

Raja Azad entered in the mosque with a senior police officer where volunteer Ishtiaq Ahmad Ansari opened the door and allowed him to enter. But due to lack of space, Adil could not enter.

After a while, the door opened again and Adil entered in the mosque with another man before the prayers. Raja Azad Gul, Police officers and others came out of the mosque without offering the prayers. Meanwhile, Adil started talking to volunteer Ishtiaq Ahmad Ansari in a harsh tone. Raja Azad Gul, accompanied with police officer and said that Ishtiaq Ansari was not an employee of the Makki Mosque administration.

Raja Azad instructed the accompanied police officers to note down the name of the man. He then accompanied Raja Azad Adil to the police station and registered a false case against Ishtiaq Ahmad Ansari.

While talking to Vosa TV, Adil said that he does not know how to read, write and speak English. He did not sign any documents at the time of filing the case. Ishtiaq Ahmad Ansari did not torture him.

Adil added that he had also given his statement in the office of the District Attorney Brooklyn. A case has been registered against Ishtiaq Ahmed by Adil, which is backed by Raja Azad Gul. After Ishtiaq Ahmad Ansari was proved innocent, there is grief and anger against the police and Raja Azad Gul in New York City.



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