People’s Students Federation were set up in Germany.

Matiullah, Berlin,

PPP Germany President Syed Zahid Abbas Shah said that in order to mobilize the youth. People’s Youth Wing are being set up in the German capital Berlin and other provinces to provide the best platform to the youth because the youth is the asset of our country.

PPP Germany President appointed Abid Hussain Baloch, President of the People’s Students Federation for Berlin and Talal Ahmed as General Secretary while for North West Fallen Province Abdul Wahab as President and Zubair Butt as General Secretary. The names were announced officially and notifications were issued.

PPP Germany senior workers welcomed the decision of Zahid Abbas Shah and announced their full support for the decision. The newly elected president and officials said that we pledge to work together with unity in accordance with the PPP’s manifesto and rules and regulations.

There is a mission of PPP and Quaid-e-Awam was to bring political awareness and trained the students and youth of Pakistan. The PPP has always valued the youth and students at home and abroad.

At last, participants pledge that they will carry forward the mission of Bhutto Shaheed with full confidence on our leadership. We will prioritize the establishment of a strong and pure democratic process in Pakistan.

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