Several missions carried in a single day for “safe evacuation”.

Taliban verified US citizen’s identity, documents and escorted to a secret gate

Kabul, Web desk,

Pentagon officials confirmed that US military had held secret talks with Taliban, resultant Taliban commute US citizens in groups to Kabul airport’s secret gates. They were brought back to America by planes.

A day earlier, US General Mackenzie said that the Taliban had cooperated with us in evacuating process from Kabul airport. Another senior official revealed that US special forces had opened a secret gate at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul and call centers were set up to explain the evacuation process of US citizens.

Through these call centers, were inform US travelers to gather at a secret location near the airport. Taliban checked the US citizen’s identity, documents and escorted them to a secret gate set up specifically for Americans to enter the airport.

The report states that several missions were carried out in a single day of “safe evacuation” with the help of the Taliban.

The gathering place for the Americans was set up in the Interior Ministry building, located a short distance from the gate of Hamid Karzai Airport.

A Pentagon staffer who assisted in compiling the report said that the Americans had been given a number of messages about the gathering and that the process had worked stunningly.

According to CNN, Another senior Pentagon official told that the Elite Joint Special Operations Command and other special operations units had set up separate “call centers” to evacuate US citizens. These call centers instructed Americans to reach the “secret door”, this evacuation is confidential until completed.

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