Afghan folk singer dragged and shot dead by Taliban.

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Afghan folk singer Fawad Andarabi was a local artist who had been dragged from his house and shot dead by Taliban.

The artist was quite renowned in the Andarabi Valley and played a bowed flute (ghichak) succeeding in entertaining the residents and making the atmosphere lively.

He was shot in the head on a farm. The Taliban had come to Fawad’s house and decided to search his residence, later on Taliban even had tea with the singer.

The family is named after the Andarabi Valley which is located in the Baghlan province. Fawad’s son Jawad ask justice for his father and has also been promised by a local Taliban authority that justice will be served.

Fawad Andarabi enjoyed quite a lot of popularity in the valley due to playing the ‘ghichak’ with expertise and singing entertaining songs regulating around his birthplace and the Afghani community.

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