Protests stage in front of Indian Consulate in Houston.

Houston, USA,

Pakistani community including Men Women children’s and elders stage protests in front of the Indian Consulate in Houston against Indian state owned terrorism in Occupied Kashmir, Baluchistan and Afghanistan. Former Federal Minister Babar Ghauri and Pakistani-American leaders Ashraf Abbasi, Taslim Siddiqui and Salman Razzaqi led the protest.Protesters held banners and placards with slogans condemning Indian atrocities in Kashmir and Indian terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

On the occasion, former federal minister Babar Ghauri said that it was shocking that unwarranted protests against Pakistan were being staged in US on the name of Afghans. There are reports that India is involved and backing up in sponsoring anti-Pakistan protests.

Pakistani-American leader Ashraf Abbasi and female leader Nida Ahmed said that it was reprehensible and shameful for Indian embassies across the US to use Afghans to hold protests against Pakistan.The protesters said that India itself is involved in terrorism but it is running a disgusting and misleading campaign of accusations against Pakistan. No matter how hard India tries, it will never succeed.

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