Pakistan’s Independence Day parade held in New Jersey.

New Jersey,

Green crescent flags spring up everywhere in New Jersey for Pakistan’s Independence Day parade. A large stage and thousands of chairs has been set up in Paypiyani Park for the participants.A traditional rally will also be held on the day parade which will take different routes and will reach the parade ground

Thousands of people will participate in the annual day parade, famous Pakistani singers Naeem Abbas Rufi, Saima Kashif and Noman Khalid will warm the blood of the audience by singing national songs. Pakistanis in New Jersey and New York are excited about this and said that they are waiting for this day throughout the year.

According to Day Parade organizer Sam Khan said he lives in US but his heart always beats for his homeland and Pakistani brothers and sisters. He appealed to the Pakistani community to celebrate Day Parade in a grand manner.

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