Pakistan Day Parade will be held in New Jersey tomorrow.

New Jersey, USA,

The management of Pakistan Day Parade inspected the parade park and reviewed all the arrangements. The organizers and their team are very excited about this annual day parade to celebrate Pakistan’s independence.

Parade organizer Sam Khan and his team have appealed to the Pakistani community to participate fully and make this day parade more successful and memorable than ever.

According to Sam Khan, “Why we doing this parade? to send a message across that Pakistanis is a vibral community. Pakistani and specially for our younger generation we want send a message that the day exactly we come from. We want to show, and demonstrate them, what is our culture? how we eat? what that vendors gonna be? more than 60 vendors we have rite now. So I am requesting all of You to come together join hands with us and celebrates Pakistan independence day and show the message across that Pakistani community is very strong community, Thank you very much, Pakistan Zindabad”.

The Pakistan Day Parade was supposed to be held on August 22 last week but it was postponed due to bad weather and now the parade is being held tomorrow.

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