WhatsApp Introduces Two New Features for Voice Messaging.

WA Beta Info/ Web Desk:

WhatsApp, as always, understands the difficulties of its users and has added two very useful features for voice messages in its new update.

According to the technology website WA Beta Info, WhatsApp users will now be able to listen to their recorded voice messages before sending them. Whatsapp has introduced its new features in its latest update2.21.18.3.

In particular, WhatsApp has rolled out two features. The first one shows real-time voice waveforms and the possibility to stop recording the voice message. The second feature is about the ability to listen to the recorded voice message before sending it.

Photo Courtesy: WABeta

In the past, it was already possible to listen to the voice message in this situation, but the procedure was very complicated to launch. WhatsApp is making it easier, implementing a STOP button and you can quickly listen to the voice message. If you don’t like the recorded voice message, you can delete it.

WhatsApp is rolling out these features that improve your experience while recording voice messages. If you don’t have the feature, it will be rolled out for your WhatsApp account after installing the next updates.

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