Doctor Dismissal Over Providing Mask Exemption Letters.

BBC/Web Desk:

Florida has been in the national spotlight over the ongoing mask row between school officials, parents, and the government. According to BBC, a doctor has been removed from his hospital job amid reports that he offered parent medical letters to circumvent school mask requirements in Florida.

Local school rules require masking unless a medical reason is given. Tallahassee physician Brian Warden was reportedly advertising such medical exemption letters for $50 on a Facebook group for anti-mask parents.

The issue of mask mandates in schools has sparked debates nationwide as the new academic year begins. Dr. Warden’s employer, the Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee, told the BBC that it began the process of removing him from providing services to their patients “immediately” upon learning of his actions. Dr. Warden was reportedly offering the letters on the Parents against Masks group, according to local media. He said he was not signing letters affiliated with a hospital or medical group.

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