UK opposition Party criticize Afghan evacuation process.

Muqeem Ahmed, UK,

RAF Bryce Luton arrives in England from Kabul, Afghanistan carrying citizens and aides. British government announced to resettle 5,000 people in the country

According to the Ministry of Defense, 8,458 people have been evacuated since August 13. The evacuation beneficiaries are British citizen, diplomats and Afghan front liners working for British government including those who threatened by Taliban.

According to the British military officer, most people have empty-handed. There is shortage of time and administrative difficulties despite daily flights from Kabul, work is underway to provide essential items to those arriving in UK. Many passengers have been provided medical assistance.

On the other end, Afghanistan is on the red list of UK and those coming from there are being kept in quarantine for ten days.

Despite all the precautions, thorough checking and scrutiny, a person who was placed on no-fly list by UK has also arrived in UK. The list includes people who pose a security risk to the UK or have a criminal record.

The opposition Labor Party has strongly criticized the government over the news.

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