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Khawar Baig hosted meet & greet with Rana Abdel Hamid.

New York City,

The APPAC (American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee) hosted a meet and greet with the community of Congresswoman Rana Abdel Hamid at the residence of Khawar Baig, a community business and social figure in New York. Large numbers of Pakistani community participated. The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Addressing the participants, Meat and Great host Khawar Baig said that Rana Abdel Hameed is the best candidate of Congress Women. We hope she will be elected and work for the welfare of the community and pave the way for the development of Muslims.


While, Congress Women Candidate Rana Abdel Hamid thanked APPAC and said that being a Muslim she also faced many problems. Especially after 9/11, her scarf was pulled while walking on the street. Things have definitely changed, but immigrants and the Muslim community is still going through tough time.

On the occasion, APPAC officials appealed to the Pakistani community to vote for Rana Abdel Hamid and make her successful.

Congresswoman Imani Oakley from New Jersey also attended the meet and greet and greeted the best wishes to Rana Abdel Hamid.

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