Pakistan Day Parade postponed amid tropical storm Henri .

New Jersey,

Management of Pakistan Day Parade postponed the event which is scheduled on August 22nd due to Henri storm; Day Parade organizer Sam Khan told to that this event will be held on next Sunday, August 29th. Organizers appealed to Pakistani community to stay at home.

Earlier, more than 35 million people are under tropical storm warnings, including New Jersey and New York City and large parts of southern New England. Parts of Long Island’s south and north shores, and from New Haven, Connecticut, to west of Watch Hill, Rhode Island will also under hurricane Henri alert.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Henri, with 70 mph stormy winds is expected to become a hurricane over the Atlantic on Saturday it makes landfall Sunday in Long Island or southern New England. Heavy rain could start in some of these areas on late Saturday.

The region already is waterlogged from several rainy weeks; Henri could easily push over trees and power lines to set up days of power outages.

According to Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Deanne Criswell said that “We need to take this storm very seriously. Even if it doesn’t make landfall as a hurricane, the tropical force winds and the storm surge can cause significant damage,” reported on CNN Saturday morning news.

“We’re going to see power outages, we’re going to see downed trees, and even after the storm has passed, the threat of falling trees and limbs is still out there,” she added.

Widespread rainfall of 3-6 inches could see in portions of New England and southeast New York through Monday, with isolated totals near 10 inches possible and could lead to flash, urban and stream and river flooding. Isolated tornadoes may occur Sunday over southern New England.

Henri moves parallel to the East Coast on Saturday, rip currents also will be a concern from North Carolina to Massachusetts. Peoples in those areas are rushed to grocery stores amid warnings.

Travel advisories issued for the cities until further notice. Swimming and wading will not be permitted during those days. All beaches in the city will close Sunday and Monday, according to city officials.

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