Electric bullets that reach 200 feet per second

World's first handgun powered by electromagnetic force due to coil.

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Whether it’s a handgun, a revolver, or a rifle, they have one thing in common: the ammunition that burns in a bullet pushes the bullet forward, which has its own limits. Now the world’s fastest shotgun has been developed at a speed of 200 feet per second. This is because the gun pushes the bullet forward with electromagnetic force.

Interestingly, the gun is considered to be the most powerful coil gun ever sold to the public, and also the most powerful handheld coil gun ever built. It was built by Arc Flash Labs. This model weighs 20 pounds with a battery installed inside and its charger can be purchased separately.

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According to the Arc Flash Labs, the GR-1 Anvil is an eight-stage semi-automatic gun that can be called the world’s first handgun powered by electromagnetic force due to the coil. It is fitted with iron magnetic bullets that travel at a speed of 200 feet per second. It can fire 20 rounds with full force in one minute and 100 rounds at half power.

Despite all this, it is claimed that it is not a deadly weapon and law enforcers will be able to fire it like rubber bullets because they are not lethal due to their structure. Just as an air gun’s knife is harmless, so is its firearm less harmful, and similar guns are used to start sports competitions. But it can also be used to hunt small animals.

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