PTI hosted a dinner in Virginia.

Participants honored PM efforts for Pak-US relations improvement.

Fazal Khaliq, Virginia,

Senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders Johnny Bashir, Raja Munir Khatana, Nawaz and others held a grand ceremony in Virginia, in honor of Pakistan’s leading figure and National Assembly ticket holder Akhtar Malhi. Prominent personalities of DMV also participated.

PTI leaders said that the state of Madinah and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision has set a high example for the world. Thanks to PM’s tireless efforts, it is now possible for Pakistani’s to be proud in front of the world.

On the occasion, PTI leaders also honored Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts for the improvement of Pak-US relations and welcomed this prestigious ceremony.

At last, PTI activists stood in a one line, expressing solidarity and setting an example of state of Madinah.

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