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Jaffaria Association of North America organized Processions in Manhattan, NYC.

Manhattan, New York City,

With the beginning of Muharram, the processions continue around the globe. The annual procession in memory of the martyrs of Karbala was also held in Manhattan, New York, organized by the Jaffaria Association of North America.

Thousands of mourners, including men, women, children and the elders including mourning associations, took part in the procession from Park Avenue Fifty Street. The mourners continued to mourn and Noha Khuwani all the way through the procession.

While, addressing a mourning procession, religious scholar Allama Muslim Mehdi described the virtues of the Imam Hussain and described the event of Karbala in detail.

The Alam and Zul Janah were found in the procession and the mourners visited them. Nazar O Niaz was also distributed during the procession. Water and Juice were also distributed on the processions corridors. The mourners said that the incident of Karbala encourages them to stand firm against tyrannical and false forces in every age.

The organizers of the procession urged the mourners to follow government guideline and SOPs to prevent the spread of corona virus, which was also followed by the participants of the procession. The procession passed through its designated routes and ended in front of the Pakistan Consulate at 65th Street.

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