Senior physicians, Dr. Shafi Beyzar and Dr. Salman Zafar passed away in U.S.

New York City,

Dr. Shafi Beyzar lived in US for decades; he had a long history of kidney disease and moved from New York with his children in San Francisco, California, two years ago due to health issues. His condition worsened on Friday and he was passed away.

Dr. Shafiq Bizar started the show Good Morning Asia in 1986 and also started a weekly mag Awam in 90’s. By profession he was a medical doctor and was kind to the community. In his early days, he supported MQM and PPP.

Dr. Shafi had a political mindset and efforts to bring the stranded Biharis in Bangladesh to Pakistan were also worthwhile. He helped many literary and musical organizations in New York.

His friends and relatives have expressed grief and sorrow on his death. The community leaders said in their condolence messages, that the death of Dr. Shafi was a tragedy for the community and may Allah forgive him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Salman Zafar, a Pakistani national living in New York for almost three decades, had been suffering from heart disease for many years. He was hospitalized in a Staten Island hospital for a week but died between Thursday and Friday night. He left 4 survivals his widow Dr. Shamim Zafar, a son and two daughters.

The Pakistani-American community, especially Pakistani-American physicians, have expressed deep sorrow and grief over the death of Dr. Salman Zafar and said that the community has lost a very kind and community-friendly figure.

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