The British Royals repute is at risk.

Muqeem Ahmed, UK,

The British royal family repute is at risk. An American woman has filed a sexual assault case in a New York court against Princess Andrew, son of the Queen of Great Britain.

Virginia Joffrey alleges she was 17 when Prince Andrew raped her three times, 20 years ago.

Earlier, Prince Andrew denied any such incident in an interview with BBC. During the interview, Princess Andrew also described the photos with Virginia as fake. Prince Andrew and his lawyers declined to comment on the latest lawsuit

Virginia Joffrey claims she was used by notorious investor Jeffrey Ebstein for nefarious purposes in young age and forced to host the prince

One hundred and twenty-one sexual assaulted American women by Jeffrey Ebstein have been paid 125 million in compensation, while two hundred and twenty-five women have claimed abuse in total. Many women are now suing Jeffrey Ebstein’s $630 million property.

The infamous Jeffrey Ebstein committed suicide in a Manhattan jail on August 10, 2019. His accomplice, Janelle Maxwell, is on trial for trafficking underage girls.

Prince Andrew was barred from attending public gatherings in November 2019 and is now under hi pressure to return military honors.

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