Middle East Institute raised Kashmir issue and organize conference in US.

Fazal Khaliq, Washington,

The Middle East Institute in the US convened a conference of high-ranking officials to bring India pharaonic face over the world. A country that violates international law, nonstop commits atrocities, barbarism and inhumane carnages against Kashmiri Muslims.

Dr. Maeed Marvin said that Kashmir issue has become an international issue and need solution, it is necessary to raise voice on International forums and stop the unjust atrocities on Kashmiris for which the US play its role.

Other speakers included Ayesha Khan, Zahra Mujeeb Khan and Raees Khan, Shehab Karni, who voiced their views against Indian atrocities and the disgrace of unarmed Kashmiris. The lock down continued for two years an open air prison which must be highlighted on all International Forum.

We all hope full that US authorities will definitely take some action after listening the oppressed people’s voices. On the occasion, a live video of Safi Jameel Khan was also shown in the conference which highlighted the oppression on common Kashmiri man.

Voices are being raised for resolving Kashmir issue on various forums and the results in the future will prove it well, speakers added.

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