Afghan Journalist Unsafe, 2 killed and another abducted.

Baseer Hotak, Helmand,

The Taliban advancements for capturing the cities and gain the power continued in Afghanistan. Dozens of journalists have been killed in various incidents in Afghanistan since 2018. War torn country is the most dangerous for Journalist, the government and the Taliban both imprisonments Journalists.

Voice of Paktia radio producer Toofan Omeri was shot dead along with his companion on the Parwan-Kabul highway while returning to Kabul from Bagram district of Parwan province. Omeri was also worked for the Kabul Attorney General’s Office. Last year Tofan Omeri brother’s Zahal Omeri, was also shot dead in Kabul.

The war escalates by Taliban, ongoing uncertainty and weakens rule of law has created terror among citizens, this situation of Afghanistan have lot of concerns among local journalists.

On the other end, Lashkar-Gah, the capital of southern Helmand province, a local journalist Naimatullah Himmat was abducted from Gharghasht radio and television channel and transferred him to an unknown location.

A member of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, Zainullah Iss-tanakzai, said he had contacted Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid to rescue abducted journalist, but so far no progress had been made.

Afghan journalists’ organizations have expressed deep concerns over both incidents. The Kabul Press Club, the Journalists’ Safety Committee, the Committee to Protect Journalists and the Information Party have called on the government to immediately arrest the killers of the slain journalist and release the abducted journalist safely.

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