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Brooklyn Emerge congratulates successful NYC Council Women’s at Quba Mosque.

Brooklyn, New York City,

Brooklyn Emerge invites successful Council Women’s candidate of New York City Council primary election. Felicia Singh, from District Thirty-two, Rita Joseph from District Forty and Mercedes from District Forty-Six invited to Quba Mosque in the Brooklyn area, team Brooklyn Emerge welcomes and congratulated them on their victory.

The female members of the city council met with community members. Community members raised their concerns with council women’s. Elected Council Women’s assured community members that in their constituencies they would ensure the provision of halal food for Muslim children in schools.

The head of Brooklyn Emerge, Zakaria Khan, Sahibzada Shabbir Ahmed and others briefed the elected council women officials on the establishment, aims and objectives of their organization.

While speaking to Vosa TV on the occasion, Zakaria Khan said that his organization has always worked hard for unity and welfare of the community and will continue with same determination.

Brooklyn Emerge team also cut the cake on the succession of council women’s candidates.


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