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Muslim Community stage Protest against New York Police.

Have police entered in any other religion-worship place ever.? Protesters raised a question.

New York,

Muslim Community of Brooklyn Demanded to New York City Government and higher authority of New York Police Department (NYPD) to conduct fair inquiry of trampled the holiness of Makki Masjid (Mosque) by Police.

Above demand from Muslim worshipers and social figures of community heard in protest, which was stage against NYPD outside of Makki Masjid at Friday.

Demonstrators hold banners and placards with slogans against the police desecrated of Mosque and demand not to do again.

The protest was attended by Imam-e-Masjid Qari Osama, worshipers of the mosque, and other social figures of the community.

Qari Osama and other spoke to protesters that we respect NYPD and want same in return but police entered in our Mosque in Uniform while praying inside the mosque and arrested a worshiper namely Ishtiaq Ahmed, it is Commendable and have been concern of insecurity among Muslim Community.

“If police had any complain or evidence against Ishtiaq’s they should have informed to Makki Masjid Management, we would send him in police custody” they added.

Protesters also said that some black sheep in our community have developed relation with policemen for their own interest and which was also misused in previous incident. People who use the police for personal gain are enemies of the community۔

“Have police entered in any other religion-worship place ever”.? Protesters raised a question on police over trampled the holiness of mosque.

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