Afghan south western province Nimroz falls after 3 days fierce fighting.

Government official are corrupt that why they flee says civilians.

Baseer Hotak, Afghanistan,

Taliban enter Zaranj, the capital of the southwestern province of Nimroz, and captured the provincial governor’s house.

Former spokesman of President Ashraf Ghani and head of Afghan government media cell Dawa Khan Mina Pal was killed in a firing incident in the capital Kabul.

Taliban have reportedly captured the capital city of Nimroz, Zaranj, at 12 noon local time, without any resistance. Nimroz is the first province in southwest of the country where Taliban have managed to take control after three months of fierce attacks. After capturing the city, Taliban advancements towards the provincial governor’s house. Members of the security forces and provincial agencies had left Zaranj.

According to reports, workers from various agencies, including government security and defence personal, had entered neighboring Iran before the Taliban arrived on Zaranj. Videos circulated on social media shows that security and government personals crossing the border into neighboring Iran in dozens of vehicles.

On the other end, after the fall of government control over Nimroz and capturing by Taliban, a series of looting of equipment in various government institutions in the capital has begun. Even before this, in some areas of the country where government control was lost, complaints and incidents of looting have been reported in various institutions and private households. Some videos show armed men looting various items, while children and civilians can be seen as same.

Civilians in Nimroz have called the looting a dangerous act and reacted strongly to the corrupt provincial administration handing over the province to the Taliban without resistance. According to citizens, the provincial officials of Nimroz were corrupt people and this was the reason they fled.

There are no reports of Nimroz Governor Karim Brahui or other provincial officials weather they were killed or alive.

On the other end, a former spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani and head of the Afghan government media cell, Dawa Khan Mena Pal died in firing in the Darulaman area west of the capital Kabul on Friday. Mina Pal hailed from the southern province of Helmand and by profession he was a journalist.

President Ashraf Ghani, the head of the Reconciliation Commission, Dr. Abdullah, and other members of the government have expressed regret over the killing of Dawa Khan Mina Pal, calling it tantamount to killing the media person.

Taliban has claimed responsibility for the killing of head of the government’s media cell, Dawa Khan Mina Paul.

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