Two years passed on Kashmir lock down and world silence on Indian oppression.

Friends of Kashmir observed Exploitation and Solidarity Day in Berlin.


A demonstrations observed across Germany while a webinar was held at Pakistani Embassy in Berlin. President Azad Kashmir, Pakistani and German officials, journalists and other members of the community joins the Kashmir exploitation webinar.

Azad Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan and Chairman of the Kashmir Committee, Shehryar Afridi said that peace could not be possible without resolving Kashmir issue.

On August 5 2019, the Indian government’s repeal Article 370 and 35-A & Kashmir’s special status. The Pakistani and Kashmiri community around the world observed as exploitation day against Indian oppression in the valley.

The speakers added that peace in South Asia is possible only by liberating occupied Kashmir from India. If the situation worsens, South Asia is on the brink of nuclear war.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi support the ideology of the RSS, they want to eliminate Muslims majority in India and change the demography of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, speakers added.

Earlier on the day of exploitation, the Organization, Friends of Kashmir, staged a protest in Berlin in solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris, which was attended by a large number of Pakistani and Kashmiri community.

Participants hold Kashmiri flags, including banners and placards, and chanted slogans against the India Modi government and against ongoing atrocities in Kashmir.

The speakers said that two years have passed since the lock down imposed in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The world is silence on this act of oppression.

The speakers added that the time is not far when our Kashmiri brothers and sisters will also see the freedom.

The protesters demanded that the international community interfere and end Indian tyranny, oppression and domination over Kashmir and play its role in resolving the Kashmir issue in accordance with UN resolutions.

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