Fateha Khuwani for deceased at Karachi Press Club

Karachi, Pakistan

Fateha khuwani was offered at Karachi press club for the late mother of Zahid Rana, CEO of VOSA TV (Voice of South Asia) and late Rafiq Afghan, Editor-in-Chief of the daily Ummat, former President Salahuddin Haider(late), senior members Sheen Farrukh, Munazza Inam and Ibrahim Wayani.

Senior Photo Journalist Saeed Iqbal, Senior Reporter of Jasrat Abdul Samad Taji, Former Press Club Secretary Khurshid Abbasi’s Khush-daman,

Mother of Senior Member Iqtdar Anwar, Court Reporter of Daily Dawn Ishaq Tanoli’s Khush-daman, Daily Dunya Forum Editor Mustafa Habib’s father-in-law, senior photographer Muhammad Mehdi and Ikram Mehdi’s sister and mother of senior journalist Shariq Hussain, member Karachi Press Club Adeel Mustafa and Sohail Jamali’s father-in-law and other deceased.

A large number of club members attended the Fateha Khuwani including President KPC Fazil Jamili, Sec. Rizwan Bhatti, Members of the Working Committee, Former Secretary and Senior Journalist Maqsood Yousufi, Vosa TV CEO Zahid Rana , Rafiq Afghan’s brother Nasir Afghan and son Ali Asad .

The members paid heartfelt condolences to the CEO of Vosa TV Zahid Rana on the demise of his mother and prayed that Allah Almighty grant the deceased on highest ranks.

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