Special Assistant to Ambassador, Abid ullah Khan buried.

Matiullah, Berlin,

Senior Officer and Special Assistant to Ambassador, Abid ullah Khan has been buried today in the presence of hundreds of mourners. He left behind a widow, three daughters and a son

Ambassador of Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Faisal, Head of Chancellor Kamran, other Pakistani dignitaries including embassy staff, Religious party Leaders, International and political figures attended the funeral.

Before Funeral prayers Scholars lectured on the Judgment Day. The Pakistan Ambassador to Berlin and several other ambassadors paid tribute for portray the positive image of the country and best morals and character of deceased.

Scholars of Arabic and Turkish mosques in the residential area, Neighbors and locals appreciated late Abidullah’s role.

Abidullah Khan was the asset of overseas Pakistanis. He always had been on the forefront in resolving Overseas Pakistanis issues.

The attendants in the funeral offered forgiveness supplications for the deceased.

Earlier, Abidullah died of a severe heart attack on July 29. He arrived at Pakistan House to take the ambassador for the embassy.

Former ambassadors, officers and other friends mourn the demise of the deceased.

Sanaullah Abid, the daughter-in-law of the late, was also honored last year in Germany for humanitarian work.

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