Meme Museum in Hong Kong Brings Viral Posts Offline

Museum features seven zones themed around the “Troll Face,” “Doge,” “Disaster Girl”, and “Drake”.

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According to gadgets360, the meme craze has jumped out of our mobile phones into the offline world. Until now, most of us were addicted to scrolling our cell phones to check the new memes going viral on the Internet, but an art mall in Hong Kong has opened an exhibition to explore the most interesting cultural snapshots of how we communicate with each other in the 21st century. As memes have become a universal language, the exhibition is an attempt to celebrate the creativity of viral memes from around the world.

Hong Kong’s meme museum at the K11 Art Mall has created a buzz on social media and has overnight become a trending topic. The exhibition is being organized by 9GAG and K11 mall and showcases over 100 memes. The museum features the evolution of memes through 3D figures and imagery. It is indeed once in a lifetime experience.

The Meme Museum features seven zones themed around the “Troll Face,” “Doge,” “Disaster Girl”, “Drake” and more. The organizers said the other popular memes that have been included in the museum are: Wojak Feels Guy, Yao Ming, and Distracted Boyfriend.

But what has caught everyone’s attention is that the museum also features the “disappointed Pakistani fan”. Later identified as Sarim Akhtar, he had gotten upset with Pakistan’s performance against Australia during an ICC World Cup 2019 match. The sheer frustration on his face was captured by the cameras as Australia won the game by 41 runs.

According to a report by Hype beast, the museum also features the “Beyond the Meme” sensory 4-D interactive experience and the world’s first meme NFT artwork – titled In Meme We Love. The organizers have also set $100 cash prizes for those who create original memes during the exhibition that will continue till September 5.

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