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PACOLI NIGHT Independence day celebration at Long Island.

Long Island, NYC,

The Pakistan Independence Day colorful celebration arranged by PACOLI at local park of Long Island. Program begins with recitation of Holy Quran. American and Pakistani national anthems were performed.

Thousands of Pakistani community members joined Independence Day celebrations with full zeal and appreciated the arrangements.

Children and elders face painted with Pakistani flag and children’s waves Pakistani flag. There was a lot of excitement at the event.

Bashir Qamar, PACOLI patron chief, praised the joint efforts of team PACOLI for such a colorful arrangements of the celebrations.

While talking with VOSA Tv, PACOLI officials said that “We wait for this program round the year and now our joy is tremendous”.

Pakistani singers Sadia Malik, Ataullah Khan Essa Khailvi’s son Sanwal Essa Khailvi, Amna Inam and Junaid Younis performed there best national songs on Independence Day festival. Participants enjoyed a lot on music beats.

Variety of attires and jewelry stalls setup in the festival. Women and girls were busy in bargains for elegant designs and matching jewelry.

American officials also attended Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations. According to officials, Team PACOLI worked hard day and night for this colorful event and this is admirable.

Participants took Selfies on stage at Pakistan Independence day Festival and chanted slogans “Long live Pakistan”.

A parody play was also performed in Muhammad Ali Jinnah getup. The purpose of the play is to highlights the struggle of Quaid-e-Azam, Jinnah’s separate homeland.

At last, US officials distribute appreciation certificates to PACOLI team and praised their services render to various communities in US.

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