Useful Tips for Mental Health.

Diabetes and blood pressure can cause serious damages to mental health.

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Mental and psychological issues are rapidly increasing around the world. Experts say that diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia are swiftly rising. In this context, Psychiatrists provide some medical tips which help to energize and maintain mental health.

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Anne Kelly, a psychiatrist at Trinity College Dublin, said that after waking up in the morning, spends eighty-five percent of the time in different work to keep active. This activeness can give benefits while increasing memory, keeps blood vessels healthy, and improving the body’s immune system.

Growing age can fade the memory. Exercise not only increases the brain volume but also slows down if it is declining. This has been confirmed by MRI and other medical procedures.

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The brain needs blood and it accounts for two to three percent of the body’s weight and uses fifteen percent of the body’s blood supply. Exercise reduces the fat in blood vessels and improves blood circulation. In this way, the brain functions in an orderly manner, and the memory remains strong.

The third benefit is that the body’s natural defense system improves with exercise and thus we can avoid many diseases.

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Gardening has profound effects on mental and psychological health. Especially Dementia patients can benefit greatly from what has been called Horticultural therapy. Some studies have shown that positive results begin to appear in just ten weeks.

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Two diseases that can cause serious damage to mental health are blood pressure and diabetes. These two affect the blood vessels and hence intensely affect the brain. Therefore, it is important to stay away from these diseases.


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