Sajid Sadpara successfully brought his father’s body

He recited Fateha on behalf of nation and placed a Pakistani flag to identify the place in future.

Skardu/Web Desk:

Pakistani mountaineer Sajid Sadpara has managed to bring the body of his father Muhammad Ali Sadpara to Camp 4. Sajid Sadpara with foreign climbers went on a K2 expedition to find the bodies of his father and his companion from Iceland John Sunori.

Two days ago, Climbers managed to find two dead bodies near the K2 base camp lying at a distance from each other. Later these were identified as Ali Sadpara and John Sunori.


When the operation to retrieve the bodies of the two climbers were considered, experts called it dangerous, as it is difficult to bring the bodies back without any damages.

Now it is reported that Sajid Sadpara managed to bring his father’s body to camp four. He told that the body of Pakistan’s hero was preserved in Camp four. Argentine mountaineer helped to bring the body from the bottleneck.

He said that he also recited the Fateha on behalf of the whole nation and placed a Pakistani flag as a sign so that this place can be formally identified in the future.




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