Ultrasound Stickers That Warns Stroke and Heart Disease

Whether it's a heart attack or a stroke, appropriate handling is vital to saving lives.

San Diego/Web Desk:

Whether it’s a heart attack or a stroke, timely treatment is crucial to preventing a stroke and saving lives. In this regard, an ultrasound sticker has now been developed.

Sheng Zu, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, cut the thin elastic polymer into 12-millimeter-wide and long pieces that emit ultrasound waves. It is currently processed by a computer by attaching a wire to a chest or neck, but the next model could be wireless.

In the initial experiment, ultrasound waves reached five and a half inches deep in the skin. In the second method, many ultrasound waves were thrown at different angles. Therefore the ultrasound of a large part of the body came to light. In this way, the sound waves pass through the blood vessels and reach the blood cells, then return to the sticker through the same path.

Consequently, the sound echoes from different parts of the body hide blood flow, blood pressure, tissue health, and heart conditions. This way the doctor can immediately detect any alarming changes in the heart and its veins.

It has been tested on many patients and has shown excellent results similar to conventional ultrasound. The consequences may differ depending on the performance of the common person, but the patch has no part in this chaos. However, clear instructions for affixing a sticker can yield better results. An innovative sticker can provide immediate awareness of stroke and heart disease.