YouTube launches live stream shopping trial

San Francisco/ Web Desk:

YouTube had announced to provide some amazing and revolutionary features and now in this regard, YouTube Live Streaming has introduced the option of shopping, which is being used by certain users.

It aims to increase e-commerce and monetization facilities. YouTube announced earlier this year that it would offer online shopping options on its platform. Currently only serious and reputable brand makers are given the option to try. The goal was to instantly purchase standard products from YouTube.

YouTube has previously said in its research that 33% of its users have admitted that they are buying 33% of the items just by looking at the comments and advertisements on YouTube.

During a pandemic, YouTube through its platform has made an extraordinary effort to strengthen and promote E-commerce. Various product tags and ads will be added as a new option. This can be done automatically, while video stream makers will be able to add it themselves.

Therefore, it is to be expected that the YouTube app could be an E-commerce machine and users will be able to purchase items in video clips, but its popularity will have to wait a few months.

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