Scientists Develop Pain-Free Saliva Test for Diabetes

Researchers hope low-cost saliva test will replace the current needle-based test for diabetic patients.

New South Wales/Social Media Desk:

For diabetics, managing their blood sugar levels typically means pricking their fingers multiple times a day with a lancet and then placing a drop of blood on a testing strip. However, Australian scientists now claim that they have developed pain-free blood sugar testing for diabetics, a non-invasive strip that checks glucose levels via saliva.

However, this latest test works by embedding an enzyme that detects glucose into a transistor that can then transmit the presence of glucose, according to Dr. Paul Dastoor, Professor at the University of Newcastle in Australia, who led the team that created it.

Photo Courtesy: University of Newcastle /Reuters

Doctor Paul and his team ply this research and invented such bio-sensors, which identify the amount of glucose in saliva.

Through this test, more than 46 billion diabetic patients around the world will be free from the painful tests for examining glucose amounts in the body. It is to be noted that saliva has the same amount of glucose as in blood, although the idea of testing saliva for diabetic patients has emerged in recent years.

The project secured A$6.3 million in funding from the Australian government to establish a facility to produce the test kits should clinical trials be passed and will start working from this year and its first-ever consignment will be on the market in 2023.


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