Pakistan: Parties Approach Independent Senators for Senate Chairmanship

ISLAMABAD: Polls for Pakistan’s Upper House in the Parliament have been completed and now this is a time to pick Leader of the house.

For this purpose, leading parties in Senate polls Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) have approached independent candidates to convince them to vote for their candidate for the Chairman Senate.

There are total 104 members to vote for the election of Chairman Senate. While ruling PML-N party has 33 Senators, PPP and PTI have got 20 and respectively.

Besides, there are 15 Independent senators.

MQM, Pk-MAP and NP; each have 5 candidates, JUI-F has four, JI has 2  but  PML-F.

Awami National Party (ANP) and Balochistan National party-Mengal have only one vote for Chairman Election.

As to win the seat of Chairman and Deputy Chairman Candidates will have to get 53 votes in the Upper House of the parliament.

On account of success, former Prime Minister held a meeting on Monday; in order to get the favour of seven supporters of Balochistan.

Furthermore, one voter will be independent whereas, 6 belong to their allies. Independent senator from FATA, Mirza Afridi also attended this meeting.

Apart from this, PML-N also approached Pk-MAP, NP and JUI for support. Meanwhile, PPP and PTI are supposed to get the help of Balochistan for Chairman Election.

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