Heavy rains and flooding in Berlin, Brandenburg, including West Germany.

Berlin, Germany,

The Meteorological Department has forecast strong winds and more rain in Berlin and Brandenburg, including West Germany, from Friday to Sunday. Several houses also collapsed in the German state of North Rhineland-Palatinate. Lifts closed in hospitals, care homes and citizens being evacuated by helicopter. Troops have been called in to help.

Police in West Germany have confirmed that more than 100 people have been killed and dozens missing after several houses collapsed due to heavy rains.

According to police sources, deaths took place in the southern district of Bonn, which is located on banks of Rhine Canal. Police have described the situation in rural district as extremely dangerous.

Dozens of people were stranded on rooftops in some areas and were safely airlifted. Houses were evacuated in areas around 50 meters of the river Ahr. The floodwaters have left rescue workers stranded in some areas. The German Meteorological Department had deployed troops in three western states to warn of heavy rains and storms. Two firefighters were killed during a rescue operation in the Sauerland area northeast of Bonn.

Main business center and residents of the affected district of Düsseldorf have been instructed to evacuate. The railway system, motorways and other means of transportation have been severely affected due to flooding in the canals.

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